The Art Of Building Effective Business Systems

Have you ever asked yourself why many people are willing to pay more at Chicken Inn or Miekles Hotel? The main reason they are willing to pay more is because of the organized business systems in these companies. 

A cup of tea at home is almost free 

A cup of tea at Cafe Nush costs $3

A cup of tea in Miekles Hotel costs $5 

Why would someone pay $5 at Meikles when a tea tastes the same? Miekles have worked hard for many years to build a business system. 

 A business system is a defined set of principles, practices, and procedures applied to specific activities to achieve a particular result. It’s about creating a set of shortcuts to ensure everything still gets done right. You can develop systems for many areas of your business.

These companies with organized systems usually provide uniform services or products. Their employees behave the same, and their timelines are generally the same from branch to branch. For example, chicken Inn will sell chicken and chips with the same taste and size, and you usually wait for similar timelines whether you are in Mutare, Harare, or Vic Falls.

A company with sound business systems does not depend on people because people resign, die, and change. So never make your business depend on people but on business systems.

The question is, are you investing in a business system in your company?

Building Business Systems will help your company with the following: 

  1. Achieve Greater Efficiency 
  2. Make sure tasks are consistent 
  3. Staff are clear on expectations ]
  4. The scale at a faster rate 
  5. Streamline Processes
  6. Control without micromanaging 

If you want to create a timeless business, start investing in sound business systems. For more information on building, systems feel free to contact me on 0719382136