The Economy Is Not To Blame For Your Poor Sales

One thing I have noticed about companies in Zimbabwe is that we have gone into retreat mode. Everyday, I meet entrepreneurs whose businesses are performing poorly and when you ask them what they think the reason is, they always default to the economy. According to a lot of them, the sole reason why their businesses […]

Why You Need To Start Paying Your Salespeople Commission

For the last few weeks, I’ve been doing my own personal research into how SME business owners compensate their salespeople. What I have found out is that only 1 in 10 SME owners are paying their salespeople on commission. Most have a flat salary structure. As a business owner, how are you paying your people? […]

5 Reasons Many Zimbabwean Salespeople Fail To Close Sales

“People buy on emotion and justify with logic.” – Zig Ziglar When I woke up this morning, I was pondering on the above statement by late, great sales guru Zig Ziglar. Think about the times you’ve had to purchase something this year alone. What was the final reason for the purchase? What made you say […]