The Chartered Vendor Book Physical Copy


The Chartered Vendor book is a story of the life of Jerry More Nyazungu, an Entrepreneur and the Founder and Group CEO of the M&J Group. He is very Passionate about Entrepreneurship and High Business Performance and is a results-oriented business leader who is passionate about Driving Results for Business, both Large and Small.

Jerry grew up in the rural areas of Watsomba, in Mutare.

For High School, Jerry was educated at Marist Brothers in Nyanga for O Level and Hartzell High School in Nyanga for his A-Levels.

Upon finishing his A-Level Studies, instead of Going to University, Jerry took an unconventional route that was uncommon in his day. He chose to follow an alternative path to get educated.

He moved to Harare to start a new life independent from his home base in Mutare.

Upon arrival in Harare, he got his first job at Edgars Stores where he worked for 6 months as a shop attendant until his contract got cancelled the same day he was given an ultimatum to move out by the people he was living with.

Desperate to earn a living, he invested the money he had to start a Vending Business where he sold Airtime, Cigarettes and Sweets at Corner Patrenta and Willowvale in Harare.

It was a harsh time that taught him some of the most valuable lessons he learnt, thus the motivation for the Chartered Vendor Book.



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