3 Things I Do To Get More Referrals Daily

When it comes to sales, referrals are the holy grail. If your business is not generating referrals, then you are at risk of stagnation. The reason why referrals are powerful is that they streamline the process of building trust. Getting a new client is difficult because before the client commits to working with you or […]

3 Key Skills Every Sales Leader Or Entrepreneur Must Have!

A Sales leader never succeeds by chance, it’s always a matter of skills. One of the surest ways to fail in sales leadership is leaving everything to chance or running your sales organization on autopilot. And in case you are asking who a sales leader is; It is anyone who leads a sales team, for […]

5 Tips on Building a High-Performance Sales Team

Whenever I meet with business leaders, one of the things they highlight is the poor performance of their sales team. Personally, I understand because sales is the lifeblood of any organization. I always tell entrepreneurs that nothing matters in their organization until something is sold. You might have a great factory with the latest machines […]

The Reason You Are Not Making Enough Sales

Last week, I had a meeting with a young salesperson. She was complaining that her sales for the month were poor and that her boss was contemplating the idea of removing her from the team. She was worried. Before pointing fingers, I started asking her questions. The first question I asked her was the reason […]

You Are Building A Team, Not A Family. A Modern Approach To HR

One thing about great football teams is that they are always scouting for talent. They never stop! As a sportsperson, I have always been amazed by how great teams are built. A question I’ve always had is, “What makes great football teams?” Is it a good coach(the CEO, MD), good tactics(The Business Strategy), good supporters(The […]

The Importance Of Planning In Sales

A lot of salespeople wake up, pick up the phone and start calling clients randomly without a plan. This is often detrimental as a lot of people treat sales as if it’s purely a numbers game. I’ve heard people brag that for you to get one client, you need to call at least 100 which […]

Stop Making Cold Calls and Try This Instead

I hate cold calls. I always cringe when a group of salespeople I’m training say they are making cold calls. It always baffles me why anyone would subject themselves to the coldness associated with cold calls. If you are doing cold calls, you have to stop. If your salespeople are doing cold calls, you have […]

3 Ways Zimbabwean Businesses Can Prospect For New Clients

If I were to ask you how many clients you have in your pipeline, would you be able to answer that by head? Do you know the top five clients that are going to give you money this week? How much money are you expecting to make before the end of this month? If you […]

Notes On Setting Targets For Your Salesteam

Working without targets, whether personally or for your team is a big blunder. Salespeople are hired to sell, anything else is secondary. Last month, I met an entrepreneur with a well recognizable brand. The challenge this entrepreneur was facing was that his sales were not increasing and his four salespeople were not bringing anything to […]

5 Things You Should Do Daily To Succeed In Sales

What makes a great salesperson? This is one question I’m asked daily by salespeople and entrepreneurs alike. Sales can be one of the most satisfying professions especially if you know what you are doing. One thing I love to tell people is that nothing is going to happen in the world until something is sold. […]