If You Want To Succeed In 2023 As An Entreprenuer, Grow Your Sales Team

As an entrepreneur, have you ever stopped to think about the role of a sales team in the success of your business? You see, a sales team is the driving force behind bringing in of revenue and maintaining a steady stream of customers in a company, but that is not it all, salespeople also play […]

To Succeed As An Entrepreneur, You Should Be A QUITTER!

Sometime this year, a client named Andrew approached me for business consultancy. His dilemma was that he had started his company in 2001 but was worried that his company was not growing as fast as some of the other companies that started around the same time as his, Nyaradzo, etc. To find out why I […]

How To Stop Former Employees From Stealing Your Best Clients

Do you think Chicken Inn will lose sleep because one of its employees has left and started a similar business to theirs? Do you believe Pick n Pay will lose sleep because a former manager has opened a supermarket? THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN; WHY? It’s simple, as soon as their employees leave these […]

Looking For New Prospects Or Potential Clients? Do This

The difference between 2022 and 1990 is that buyers now have information at their fingertips which makes them empowered especially when making buying decisions. What this means is that it now takes more effort to get a potential client to listen to you. Before the advent of the internet, salespeople would usually have stacks of […]

3 Things I Do To Get More Referrals Daily

When it comes to sales, referrals are the holy grail. If your business is not generating referrals, then you are at risk of stagnation. The reason why referrals are powerful is that they streamline the process of building trust. Getting a new client is difficult because before the client commits to working with you or […]

The Art Of Building Effective Business Systems

Have you ever asked yourself why many people are willing to pay more at Chicken Inn or Miekles Hotel? The main reason they are willing to pay more is because of the organized business systems in these companies.  A cup of tea at home is almost free  A cup of tea at Cafe Nush costs $3 […]

The Story of hope.

Poverty, hope and the life of a businessman. The story starts at the beginning, with nothing much but a dream and the need to be financially independent. At the time, no one ever knew that a little boy from Watsomba had a dream that would transform the lives of many Zimbabweans and build one of […]

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

As an entrepreneur, one of the things I guard jealously is my time. I don’t allow anyone to waste my time. There are a lot of things around that can be recovered if lost, but, time, once you lose it, you can never get it again. Each day, I hold up to 10 meetings with […]