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From Vendor, to Business Founder. Jerry More Nyazungu is the Number 1 in Demand High Performance Business Consultant in the World.

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About Jerry

Jerry More Nyazungu is the Founder and Chief Executive of M&J. A seasoned Business Consultant, Trainer and Entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in helping businesses grow and scale. 

He is a high perfomance Sales Trainer having trained 1000s of Salespeople to improve their sales skills.  As a consultant, Jerry has helped businesses grow to seven and eight figure revenues. 

Jerry is passionate about Business and Growing Companies thus the vision of M&J.

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Through our Blog and Podcast, you get access to key resources, tips and insights to help you grow and scale.

Sales Training Programs

Whether your team is failing to meet targets, or you want to grow your revenue, we have the perfect sales training programs to help your sales team perform at the highest levels.

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Our Seminars held once every month are ideal for every entrepreneur who is serious about growth and scale. We help you grow your skills as an entrepreneur through no holds barred sales sessions.

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This is our 100% virtual training academy offering you virtual, on-demand classes to help you develop your skills where you need it the most. This is the first academy of its kind in Africa.

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The Chartered Vendor book is a story of the life of Jerry More Nyazungu, an entrepreneur, founder and group CEO of the M&J Group. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship and high business performance and is a result-oriented business leader who is passionate about driving results for businesses, both large and small. Jerry grew up in the rural areas of Watsomba, in Mutare.

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